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Our Story

The Simon Street location was opened on January 3rd of 2022 and

has become a welcoming and peaceful place for recovery. 

Where it all began...

Sean Jordan and Stephanie Dimino started their journey into the realm of physical therapy in the Sports Medicine Program at Merrimack College and soon afterwards within the Doctorate Program at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Sean was hired as the assistant athletic trainer and physical therapist for the New England Patriots and travelled with the team during their XLIX Super Bowl winning season. Stephanie was hired by the Doctorate Program as a teaching assistant for the Anatomy Labs and soon went onto work for the Spaulding Malden Outpatient Center of Excellence. Due to his high quality care, Sean was given the opportunity to become the Head Physical Therapist for the Boston Bruins. During this time, Stephanie was chosen to present at the American Physical Therapy Association on her research treatment advances with complex neurological disorders and honored the John Means Spencer Caregiver Award.


After starting a family, Sean founded True Performance Physical Therapy in October of 2018 on Main Street in Nashua NH in a small 400 square foot space. As the business grew, he knew he needed a good team mate along his side and soon after Sean and Stephanie’s paths crossed again. The practice was moved to the 2,400 square foot Simon Street facility in January of 2022. Sean, Stephanie, and their families worked hard to renovate the clinic from floor to ceiling to make this new version of True Performance the best patient experience possible. This location has countless hours of hard-work, aspiration, and laughter embedded in its walls. Thus, we are excited to share our personalized treatment experience with you and show you what it truly means to unleash your true performance. 

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