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“Sean is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work, having studied many different techniques in physical therapy. He helped me work my way back from injury and also with injury prevention. I would recommend him for your physical therapy needs.”

-Adam McQuaid

2011 Stanley Cup Champion-Boston Bruins

New York Rangers




“Sean is an excellent PT, he is extremely smart and knowledgeable as well as motivational and practical in his approach. Sean helped me rehab from a torn bicep and many other minor injuries throughout the course of the NFL season. He was always extremely hard working and attentive. Sean brought his A game every day, and pushed everyone to do the same. He was sorely missed when he left the Patriots.”

-Nate Solder

Super Bowl XLIX, XLI Champion-New England Patriots

New York Giants




“In 2015 I suffered my first significant injury of my football career when I broke my leg during the preseason. It was my first time missing a game in 21 years of football and I really wasn’t sure how to handle it. The Patriots athletic training staff handled my situation with ease and put me under the direct care of Sean Jordan to start my rehabilitation process. Sean quickly became a close friend and companion as he tirelessly worked with me everyday to improve my well being both physically as well as mentally. Sean had a great wealth of knowledge as well as a great disposition to befriend as well as know when and how to challenge me to improve every day. After my rehab process was all said and done, I truly came back better than I was before. Setting personal records in a few strength and conditioning tests that following season. I owe a lot to Sean, he really helped my healing process as well as my growth as a human being that season. ”

-James Develin

3x Super Bowl XLIX, LI, LIII Champion

New England Patriots




“Stephanie, I give you a lot of the credit for me to ice climb this year after almost 17 years is all due to you, thank you.”

-Eric F. 

Co-founder of Azimuth Check Foundation for Wounded Warriors 

Former U.S. Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel

with the Army Reserve and Army National Guard




“I have been seeing Stephanie Dimino for several months after initially consulting with both her and Sean on some shoulder/bicep pain and limited range of motion I had been having for years. After just a few visits, I had already significantly reduced my pain and increased the activity I could do with my arm. I never imagined I would have full range of motion back, but I do! Stephanie is kind, professional and a has been a real cheerleader of my progress. She makes sure I leave every appointment with updated instructions and pictures, so I can exercise and attend to the injury at home. I smile so big when I see her and show her how much she has helped me improve!”

-Kerry H. 

Chief of Staff at Acceleryst

Gym Enthusiast and Avid Runner 




“I can't say enough good things about Dr. Stephanie Dimino. She is an excellent listener and is knowledgeable in so many techniques that she has used to help with my less-than-straight- forward neck and back issues. I am so impressed with Dr. Sean Jordan's new partner! Dr. Jordan's and Dr. Dimino's sessions are beyond your typical PT session and working with them has helped me tremendously.”

-Susan S.

Realtor with The Masiello Group 

Apart of the Curling League 


Screenshot 2023-02-02 at 11.26.31 AM.png

“When I tore my labrum, I thought college golf would not be possible. However, Sean helped me avoid surgery and got me back on the course feeling strong.”

-Jack N.

NCAA Mens Golf Team

Pomona College



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